Honey in Costa Rica

Ancestral Tradition

Mariola Honey

Beekeeping with honey bees (Apidae) and bees without stings (Meliponinae) is of economic importance in Costa Rica. Bees are used mainly for the production of honey and more recently for the pollination of crops. Commonly stingless bees are kept in traditional hives of hollow logs or in very simple boxes, for the production of honey, to which medicinal properties are assigned.

Natural Honey

We bring from a Costa Rica blue zone Mariola Honey considered exceptional for its benefits and therapeutic qualities, curing besides preventing infection and disease. The Maya, Aztec and Pre-Columbian cultures of Central and South America over 5,000 years ago were the first to raise the stingless bees, in turn, these ancient cultures discovered the medicinal uses of Mariola Honey (native stingless bee honey).

Honey of uncommon flavor and strong antibiotic activity.We appreciate as these tiny creatures shine in the sunlight and work tirelessly to create sweetness.

Benefits of the stingless bee honey