Types of Modern Hives

Types of Modern Hives

The following are the top most commonly used Beehive structure:

  1. Langstroth is one of the most famous and commonly used beehive design for beekeeping. Bees build their comb in the vertical frames under this innovative design.
    Wooden structure consists of a bottom board used as an entrance for bees.
    Vertical layers have one layer placed in the bottom for the queen bee to lay eggs and rest of the boxes for honey.
    Rectangular boxes are placed on top of one another to make this structure.
    Frames are placed parallel to each other.
    Material used in frames is wood or plastic which holds beeswax honeycomb formed by the bees. Some of the different classes of hives under these styles are Rose hive, Smith Hive, BS commercial Hive, BS National Hive, Flow Hive, etc.
  2. Warré hive, also known as Ruche Populaire or the people’s hive, looks similar to a Langstroth hive. This style of beehive growing popularity and is considered ‘sustainable-practice’ among beekeepers. Unlike Langstroth, this hive comes with top bars for comb support. The Warre hive is easy to expand when it is needed. A new box is placed underneath the existing boxes whenever the colony needs more space. This also helps to keep the brood nest warm for the colony’s health.
  3. Top Bar Hives are horizontally built hives developed as an alternative to the costly Langstroth hive. It is also known as Kenya-hives. This hive used organic method to produce honey and is very low in cost, and simple to maintain. Hence, it is gaining popularity in the US and in developing countries. Bees draw the comb from the top-bar shaped like an inverted trapezoid. It is a frameless beehive; the comb needs to be crushed to extract honey yielding beeswax in addition to honey.
  4. The long box hive is a single-story horizontal hive similar to top-bar hives. This method was popular a century ago in the Southeast United States. This hive technique became obsolete as it lacked various features which Top bar has such as portability. This hive model is still used after renewal but in limited utilization.
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