Some Interesting facts about bee pollen

Some Interesting facts about bee pollen

If you take a look back at history, bee pollen has been in use and found on medical records dating back to 2735 BCE. Bee pollen is a male reproductive cell of seeds plant which is not only used to produce honey but also for pollination among plants.

The researchers have tried many ways to synthesize bee pollen, but some contents of pollen are hard to detect; when the man-made pollen was feed to the bees, bees die eventually. Scientists analyzed bee pollen using advanced diagnostic equipment, but there are some elements in the pollen which are still unidentified.

The reproduction of about 80% of grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are made possible by the transfer of pollen grains among plants with the help of bees.

There are two kinds of pollen: Anemophile and entomophile; Anemophile is spread by air and causes allergies such as hay fever to humans, and entomophile is gathered by a bee for plants reproduction.

Some claim that a handful quantity of bee pollen is equivalent to a whole nutritional diet if consumed with water and roughage; it has about 22 vital nutrients that a human body can survive solely with.

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