What are the health benefits of Propolis?

What are the health benefits of Propolis?

The honeybees remain to be a subject of interest. It is not only the honey but also the resinous-product which is the most beneficial of all. Many of you may not be aware of this product – Propolis – which is extracted and produced by bees, but this viscous substance has been promoting human’s health from ages.

Propolis is found to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties, which interests the scientist community and has been under research for cancer treatment. The studies have discovered the effect of propolis on cancer cells and observed that it prevents the growth of multiplying cancer agents and halting the spread of cancer.

Propolis, which is commonly known for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, has shown phenomenal results in preventing respiratory infections, ear infection, etc.

It is widely used for its antiseptic qualities – not only by honeybees but also by humans. It helps to heal wounds and prevent inflammation on open cuts. It works effectively on skin and works best as an ointment to treat Psoriasis, eczema, acne, bug bites, and other skin-inflammatory infections.

Propolis is a compound of about 300 active ingredients (including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) and some of them help in improving blood circulation which promotes a healthy heart and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. From treating bone diseases to relieving allergic rhinitis, each unit of propolis has shown unique health benefits.

The growing demand of this honeybee product is tremendous; it has been in increasing demand in oral hygiene industries, hair and skin care products, eyes treatment and vision improvement and what more!

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