How blue zone practice can be adopted anywhere?

How blue zone practice can be adopted anywhere?

No, you don’t have to pack your bags and move to these faraway places to live a life as long as theirs. According to the Danish twin study, our genes dictate only 20% of longevity. Lifestyle and environment accounts for the rest.

These blue zones people have a right kind of lifestyle and environment which made them centenarians. They weren’t working hard and trying to live a long healthy life. The culture, food, environment, all dictated the lifestyle of the worlds long-lived healthiest people.

Most of the countries where unhealthy lifestyle is man-mad. Most of our time outside is spent in our car, we don’t have time and place to do consistent physical activities like hiking, walking, and more.

Every store and restaurants around us are filled with unhealthy food choices.

Most of their lifestyle choices include:

Having a plant-based diet while eating meat only on special occasions. Whereas people living in Loma Linda are vegetarians. People living in these blue zones love nuts and dry fruits. Majority of the protein in their diet comes from beans, tofu, or fish. These people not only eat healthy food, but also eat it in moderation which means that they eat until they’re no longer hungry rather than until they’re full. They also drink red wine in moderation.

Having a sense of purpose in their life is a must. In Japan or Costa Rica, this idea is known as “ikigai” and “plan de vida” respectively.


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