Lifestyle of people living in blue zones

Lifestyle of people living in blue zones

People living in Nicoya, Costa Rica religiously follow a “plan de vida” which translates to having a strong sense of purpose. They drink hard water, and the family is always their number one priority. They have a strong social network.

The Nicoyan centenarians also ate a light dinner early in the evening which most of the time included squash, corn, and beans. They also like soaking up some vitamin D (sun bath of regular 15 minutes on legs and arms). They work hard and embrace their common history.

In Ikaria, Greece, they consume a Mediterranean diet with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, potatoes, and olive oil.

People of Ikaria love drinking herbal teas. They also love taking naps, like a mid-afternoon break. According to their religious calendar, they are called for fasting almost half the year.

Just like every blue zone they too make family and friends a priority. They too drink goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk.

They also make sure to get some vitamin D to boost their immune system. Fast food, stress, smoking, and sleep deprivation are all detrimental to them. In every zone, a long and healthy life seems to be the result of these consistent positive habits and behaviors continued over time.

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