Honey bees and human’s life dependency

Honey bees and human’s life dependency

Honey bees give maximum contribution towards human food production through pollination. Scientists introspect that all of humanity would end if there is no pollination without bees.

Well, we don’t need to wonder about starving and dying without bees. But we sure need to consider that bees play important role in our lives. Einstein misreported “If bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.

This theory is not scientifically proved as it was merely a prediction. What would possibly happen if all the bees die?

Insects particularly bees, in search of more pollen and nectar, travel to one flower to another causing pollination among plants. They adapt to environment and helps in plants growth and production of food

Among the 20,000 species of bees, there are some who are in decline worldwide and a few even listed in endangered species. Over the years due to change in preferences, Bees have coevolved complimenting the size, structure, and behavior of flowers that they pollinate.

Some of the research suggests that common pesticides are infecting bee colonies and leaving bees drifted their way home. The pesticides used in farms and gardens could be the main reason.

Bee colonies in exposure to the chemical exposures, insecticides, and pesticides are in grave danger. It has led to disappearance of bumblebee species from entire continent of America.

We depend on food and food source is agriculture. In agriculture, crops are pollinated through insects, wind, and sometimes plant themselves. Many fruits and vegetables are Insect-pollinated and the loss of bees who contribute majorly would change human food system.

This is sure that it won’t cause famine as major grains are mostly wind-pollinated. We humans have solutions to almost everything but we often find difficulty to prevent problem at the first place.

Hand-pollination is possible where neither bees nor wind is working but it would be costly and would require labor. When Japan developed and tested drones’ pollinator, it came out to be less effective and expensive.

Without bees, there would be declination of fresh production and absence of nutritious food.

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