Life of honeybees inside the beehive

Life of honeybees inside the beehive

No doubt honey bees are one of the most hardworking insect under the sky. Honey bees have a strict lifestyle and they literally work all of their life. They start working right after they are born and turn into an adult within a matter of weeks. Life inside the hive is pretty much hectic, bees tend to be super active during summers as they need to store food for winters.

Honeybee hive has 20,000 to 80,000 bees together in one colony. There are three categories of bees: Queen, Worker, and Drone. When bees turn into a pupal or full-grown adult, they are categorized according to their sex, physical characteristics, and potentiality.

Worker bees are the most productive, they actively participate in hive work till the end of their lives. They collect nectar and pollen which is the only way for building colony and hive. They travel around the hive within 4 km radius. One worker bee makes 1/10 teaspoon of honey over a lifetime. The worker bees face difficulties while foraging as it is the dangerous job to collect nectar without being killed by other insects or birds and surviving the cold environment.

Drone bees are stouter and larger in size than worker bees. They are easily recognizable with the size of their eyes that is twice the size of worker bees. They are male bees and they don’t have proper potential to be a forager, and protect the hive. Since they are only useful for mating with queen, they are often left unproductive when there are too many drone bees. Other bees kick out drone bees before winter as they require food and more work with no active participation from their sides.

Each colony has one larger size fertile female, queen bee. A productive queen can lay up to 2000 eggs in one day specially in spring season when the growth of colony is at peak. The growth is usually slow in colder seasons.  The main vision of bees is to grow and survive so they let go of the unproductive bees when they are of no use in foreseeable future. Queen bee’s life revolves inside the hive. Worker bees do most of her work from feeding to maintenance. Beekeepers mark with a white paint on queen bee’s head to easily find her in the hive.

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