What are the special honey bee products?

What are the special honey bee products?

Honey bees actively participate in pollination and help in evolving eco system. They serve plants, animals and humans as well maintaining a proper balance in the nature. They not only work for nature but also produce a number of products helping humans, animals, and themselves in food-consumption and other purposes.

Bee pollen is a male pollen of a flower collected by the honeybees and blended with bees’ digestive enzymes. It looks similar to yellow seeds. Bee pollen contains bio-active nutrients like proteins, vitamins, healthy enzymes, fatty acids, amino-acids, flavonoids, and carbohydrates. This bee product is famous among athletes for enhancing vitality and energy. Bee pollen helps in revitalizing body and used for speedy recovery.

Honey is the most used product of honeybees. It is a viscous substance made of nectar processed by honey bees in right blend of enzymes and accurate temperature then stored in honeycombs. Honey is commercially available in large amount and is used in almost every household. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, it has been in use since ancient times. Honey is a natural sweetener and provide numerous health benefits.

Beeswax is a secreted wax of worker bees. Honeybees have glands in their abdomen from where they discharge a bile in the form of wax. Beeswax is solid gluey substance and yellow-brown in color used to seal honeycombs and to build walls of hive. Beeswax is also gathered by humans when honey is extracted. It serves various purpose such as soap making, cosmetic industry, furniture and wooden work, beeswax candles, pharmaceuticals, massage therapies, thermal therapies etc.

Royal Jelly is secreted by young worker bees’ glands used for feeding larva for first three days. When young queen bee is recognized among pupa, royal jelly is fed to them for rest of their lives. Royal jelly is also considered good for human; it helps in improving brain function. It is good as a supplement for elderly people. Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins – B5, B6 and amino acids promoting cell re-generation and muscle enhancement.

Propolis is a viscous substance made of a resinous material extracted from trees. Honey bees use propolis for sealing holes in the beehive. It is used in the hive entrance for unwanted intruders. Propolis is also used for embalming dead. For humans, it works well for treating cold and flu.

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