Facts about honey bees

Facts about honey bees

The honey bees are one of the most studied creatures in the world after man. No wonder why they have been under study for so many years. The bees have so many fascinating abilities that no human could have imagined. Here are some of the interesting facts:

  1. The queen stands up for genetic diversity. The queen bee will take sperm from around fifteen drone bees to ensure the genetic diversity of the colony.
  2. Honey bees make super-efficient use of beeswax using hexagonal structure. The hexagon of the honeycomb holds the most amount of honey with the smallest amount of wax.
  3. Researchers had put the bees under observation, and they found that they can identify and recognize human faces.
  4. Honey bees are obsessed with cleanliness. The only honey bee which defecates inside is the queen bee. Other bees clean up after her. They don’t even die inside most of the time to keep their corpse away from the food.
  5. If the queen bee dies, the worker bees will create a new queen by selecting a young larva and feeding it food called royal jelly.
  6. Los Alamos scientists have trained bees to recognize minute amounts of chemicals found in explosives. They stick out their tongues in expectation of a reward when they correctly recognize it.
  1. All the potential queen bees fight to the death until there is one queen bee remaining. A newly hatched queen kills all other hatched and unhatched queens present in the hive.

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