How to test the purity of honey?

How to test the purity of honey?

There has been a growth in the market of adulterated products, and preservative added goods are everywhere.  It gets quite difficult to find raw products even under the famous brands. In the established brands, natural products like honey are always processed before they enter the market.

The processed honey often loses its purity in order to seem presentable and attractive in the supermarkets, and ad commercials. This is the most regular question that is often asked: how can I make sure that I am using 100% pure honey? As in most cases, 100% pure product is also processed and added with such ingredients that replace the beneficial enzymes. There are some easy home-based methods to check the purity of the honey that you eat:

Viscosity Test: Well, the raw form of honey differs from one beehive to another however, their uses are the same. The adulterated honey has syrup-like texture. To check the viscosity, take a tablespoon of honey and mix in a glass of water; you’ll see the pure honey with lumpy granules would take time to melt. If it is adulterated with added sugar content, then it is most likely to dissolve quickly.

Crystallization: The consumers, who use raw honey for the very first time, feel doubtful by seeing crystals forming inside the honey jar; as the adulterated honey drips easily and melts almost effortlessly in the required dish, unlike the raw one. Crystallization is a sign of purity.

Bloating Paper test: Take a drop of honey on a bloating paper, and check if the honey is leaving any wet mark; the pure honey hardly leaves a damp mark. The adulterated honey leaves the paper wet.

Burning test: The pure honey is caramelized if it is heated in the pan but the adulterated one forms a frothy texture.

Disclaimer: These are home-based tests, one test can fail the other, as the honey viscosity and substance differ with different hives; but all the raw honey comes with a unique flavor which varies with season and location.

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