Important derivatives of Honey

Important derivatives of Honey

Beekeepers are focused tightly on more production of honey and its derivatives with respect to increasing demand. They, in spite of changes in weather and scarcity of natural resources, have found ways to induce the honey making process with the limited resources. They also carry out the significant changes in relation to the queen bee and genetic improvement to fulfill the increase of honey and its derivatives production.

Honey propolis

Is a composition of beeswax, bees’ saliva, and resin collected from specific trees. The main content in this special bee product is a resin which varies from place to place and trees to trees. Thus, propolis may compose a distinct measure of different nutrients due to differences in seasons and areas. This may also cause differences in medicinal properties of one hive’s propolis to another. The sources of resin can differ the color of propolis; it can be dark brown, red, black, and white.

The swarm of bees are brilliant at what they do; they make use of every natural resource they found. They analyze the most available natural resources and chemical components in their environment and make use of their capability producing this amazing product – propolis. Propolis helps in sealing wounds, defend against bacteria, and works as a natural pesticide.

Royal Jelly

The young worker bees secrete enzymes from their glands called Royal Jelly that is used to feed larvae for the first three days; they do it until they find the queen. Royal Jelly rich in protein is meant for the purpose of the queen bee’s growth so that she can develop a full reproductory tract. The worker bees build a special cell for the young queen bee. And the royal jelly is fed to the queen for the rest of her life. Royal jelly is used a supplement by humans too. It is sell and market as alternative medicine. Royal jelly is not suitable for every individual hence recommended testing before consumption as it may cause an allergic reaction.

Besides these two important derivatives of honey, there is a list of honey derivatives which varies in composition due to production in a different region. For example, Manuka honey is a honey derived from the nectar of Manuka bushes flowers, buckwheat honey produced from the nectar of buckwheat flower, beeswax, bee venom, etc.

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