What is Manuka honey?

What is Manuka honey?

Manuka honey falls in a category of monofloral honey derived from the sweet nectar of the Manuka tree.  Manuka honey is native to New Zealand and also produce in Southeastern part of Australia which is produced by European honeybees foraging around Manuka bushes. It is distinctly viscous and has hues of dark cream to dark brown color. Methylglyoxal is an active ingredient found in Manuka honey responsible for antibacterial properties. It has unique antibacterial properties and is considered alternative medicine. It helps in Tissue regeneration due to the presence of flavonoids, polyphenol, and bioactive compounds.

New Zealand is the largest exporter of Manuka honey; before entering the global and national market, this honey has to go through and pass a test known as Manuka honey science definition test conducted by Ministry for Primary Industries.

Manuka honey has a strong earthy smell. It also gives an aroma of floral, damp earth, oil, and herbs. It is still under research, and studies have been conducted to find conclusive results for antibacterial effect It is best known for the property of healing wounds. A study conducted with 40 wounded people and results came out to be amazing. The wound was covered with Manuka honey as a dressing by doctors, and the result explained 88% of wounds were healed. It’d reduced the size of the wound and worked similar as conventional medicine.

A study conducted in Saudi Arabia shown results of treating diabetic ulcers using Manuka honey. Another study and experiment showed that this honey treats Eyelid wounds after surgery along with Vaseline.

In oral health, it is used to avoid tooth decay and also helps to keep gums healthy. Frequent usage of this honey minimizes plaque formation in teeth. Chewing Manuka honey helps in curing gingivitis.

As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it treats sore throat, cough, and reduces inflammation to an extent. There are still studies undergoing along with treatment of head and neck cancer, results came out showing there was a drastic decrease in the growth of mutant cells. It also reduces the side effect by radiation and chemotherapy and heals the lining of the esophagus.

With so many healing qualities, it works best in curing stomach problems like ulcers, nausea, and bloating. It kills H pylori bacteria that cause gastric ulcers. It also cures IBS, Cystic fibrosis- damages lungs, and is famous for its epithelial regeneration. Before using Manuka honey, diabetic patients, people allergic to honey, and infants should consult the doctor.

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