Benefits of stingless bee honey

Benefits of stingless bee honey

This slightly sour tasted honey has a range of nutrients of high value as compared to sting honey bees. It’s called mother medicine and has been suggested to consume by traditional physician and researchers as well.

It shows advance benefits to fight illness and healing pain. It works as an antiseptic and works effectively on wounds. This honey relieves cough and other respiratory problems.

It’s honey is used to treat mild fever or at least to prevent them in small children. The honey is used to fight various infections as it has bioactive antibacterial properties.

Stingless bee honey has more benefits than any other honey because they mostly look for nectar in medicinal flowers. It increases honey’s quality as well. These bees circulate around in fruit orchids, herbs, and shrubs where maximum medicinal chemicals are found. Hence, they produce honey with most antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Honey from these bees is also used for the treatment of ulcers and intestinal infections. The antimicrobial property is useful to eliminate bacteria which cause peptic ulcer and provides relief to ulcer patients.

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