How stingless bees produce honey?

How stingless bees produce honey?

Stingless bees produce only small amounts of honey. In cooler areas, harvesting honey from a nest could weaken or kill the nest. In Australia’s warm places, special hive designs and methods are used to gather moderate amounts of honey from these stingless bees. The honey produced by Australia native stingless bees is called Sugar bag.

Stingless bees store their honey and pollen in clusters of egg-shaped pots of beeswax around the boundaries of the nest. These are mixed with various types of plant resin (Propolis). These little pots filled with honey look like glowing grapes. These stingless bees produce honey which is different in taste, which is a mixture of sweet and sour like a lemon.

Its taste differs depending on the flowers or trees, these stingless bees visited, and it comes from plant resins which are used by bees to build hives and honey pots.

Unlike the true honey bees which produce around 75 kg of honey a year, each hive of stingless honey bees produces less than 1 kg of honey.

Stingless bees collect nectar and store in the extension of their abdomen called a crop. The bees dehydrate the nectar droplets by swirling them around inside their mouthparts until honey is produced. Its thinner in consistency as compared to the honey from commercial honeybees.

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