Interesting facts about Stingless bees

Interesting facts about Stingless bees

Stingless bees, as their name suggests, do not have a sting to protect themselves and their hive from intruders, but they are not helpless as they seem. The bee species in Brazil, the Jatai bee, who work as a soldier who guards the entrance of the nest and attach enemies with the help of their mandibles in the moment of attack.

They are active working bees and stay busy all year round. They are comparatively less active in a colder environment.

Stingless bees look for a foundation before starting to build a hive. They naturally nest in hollow trunks, tree branches, and rock crevices. They have their own way to architect their hive even though they find manmade cavities comfortable to nest.

They are known for their non-aggressive behavior, and can be reared as pet bees in houses. Meloponines of Brazil, unlike the peaceful ones, they are most likely to react if their hives are molested. They will nip with their jaws, try to enter ears or nose, and could also release acid over the attacker.

The stingless bee honey has high water content and it helps to prevent dehydration to the open wound. The osmotic effect of honey can protect the skin and continuously maintain the moist surrounding.

Balche, an alcoholic beverage is made from fermented honey and the balche tree’s bark. It is traditionally brewed in a canoe.  The drink was consumed for ritual practices because of having entheogenic properties for mystical experience.

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